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Dana Haidan

Chief Sustainability Officer | Virgin Media O2

Dana Haidan “unpacks” the complexities of gender equity & sustainability to inspire change

“For me, gender was a big, big defining aspect of my identity. But also, another defining aspect is climate change. Young people in the external work that we do, have been a big part of the way we shape the strategy. And so especially our strategy centered on 3 main areas, carbon reduction in our business and decarbonizing the business.”

In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Dana Haidan, who sits down with our host, Prashant Raizada, to delve into the pivotal role of youth in addressing climate change and sustainability.

Dana Haidan, a sustainability expert, shares her inspiring journey from a conservative upbringing in the Gulf to becoming a strong advocate for sustainable business practices. Together, Dana and Prashant explore the importance of equipping young people with AI, entrepreneurship, and design thinking skills, and discuss initiatives like repair workshops for green skills.

With real-world examples, including the impactful leadership of the young president of Chile, and the efforts at Virgin Media O2 to integrate youth perspectives into sustainability strategies, this episode is a deep dive into how the next generation can drive meaningful change.

Join us as we explore the optimism, challenges, and actionable steps young people can take to make a tangible impact on our planet’s future. 

Key moments

00:00 Media’s portrayal of climate change creates apathy.

05:23 Focused on education to escape societal pressure.

08:33 Seeking sustainability education despite parental opposition.

12:47 Young people facing significant socioeconomic challenges today.

14:52 Media’s portrayal of climate change as distant.

17:38 Young voices are influential in climate action.

21:14 Thinking beyond apparent problems, tackling complex issues.

25:36 Working with Hubbub and Gen Z on e-waste.

29:17 Managing global supply chain responsibly for net-zero emissions.

31:29 Holding countries accountable for tackling climate change.

33:59 Growing policy and financing for renewable energy.

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Since 2017, I also started my journey of inner transformation by becoming a part of the Self-Realisation Fellowship, a remarkable 100+ year institution started by Paramhansa Yogananda. Integrating yoga and meditation in my life has allowed me to become a better leader and person in all walks of life.”


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