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Dr. Raul Rodriguez

Vice President at Woxsen University

Addressing Global Challenges: Dr. Raul Rodriguez on AI, Education, and Societal Transformation

Dive into the compelling journey of Raul Rodriguez, a dynamic educator whose life across continents culminates in a mission to revolutionize education in India, tackling unfulfilled potential and leveraging AI for a future-ready generation. 

In this episode of In Youth We Trust, Prashant Raizada engages in a profound dialogue with Dr. Raul Rodriguez, an academic with an extraordinary journey that spans continents. Dr. Rodriguez has carved a niche for himself in the realm of education, with a rich background that includes growing up in Spain, engaging in semi-professional sports, and later venturing into academia. Over the last 11 years, India has become his home base, where he actively contributes to higher education. 

Dr. Rodriguez’s narrative is not just a testament to his resilience and adaptability but also reflects a deep-seated commitment to fostering a generation that’s equipped to tackle future challenges. Through his work in India, he strives to instill critical thinking and self-awareness among students, advocating for a holistic approach to education that transcends traditional boundaries. The conversation also touches upon the implications of AI and machine learning, offering a nuanced view of how these technologies could reshape the educational landscape and broader societal norms. 

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00:00 From sports to academia, addressing unfulfilled potentials.

06:23 Empirical data supports the 80-year rule.

08:56 Finland and other Nordic countries approach education.

11:43 Studied in Mumbai, did field research in Dharavi.

15:21 Organized debates invite tough questions, foster introspection.

19:08 Olympics and corruption perpetuate human greed.

22:41 AI enhancing education, mentor system, and segmentation.

26:48 Potential global changes and future concerns.

28:19 Hopeful about technology’s potential in solving problems.

Dr. Raul Rodriguez:




Dr Gavin Towler

Dr. Gavin Towler

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