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Michael Lambert

Headmaster at Dubai Collage

Why Education, Industry, and Government Must Work Together to Prepare Young People for an AI-Driven World

Away from the bright lights of Silicon Valley, Michael Lambert is playing an exemplary education leadership role in shaping the future of young people in a world being shaped by disruptive forces such as AI.

Together, we embark on a dialogue with Michael Lambert, Headmaster at Dubai College, one of the most prestigious schools in the Gulf region. He shares rich anecdotes from his youth to emphasize the need for young people to take greater risks and build resilience despite social pressures. But more importantly, he talks with uncanny candor and clarity on topics such as AI and the role schools, industry, and the government need to play to prepare the next generation for the future. 

With a rich background spanning prestigious institutions like Bedales School, The Royal Grammar School, Dubai College, and St Catherine’s British School, Lambert unveils his groundbreaking efforts in integrating AI frameworks into education, safeguarding students in the digital realm, and nurturing partnerships with the corporate world.

Join us in exploring the dynamic intersection of AI and education with Michael Lambert as we uncover pathways to shape a brighter future.


00:00 – Discussing the challenges of youth finding direction, academic achievements, and dreams of exploration.

03:30 – Exploring the impact of studying classics and observing cultural differences.

07:00 – Offering advice to the younger generation: Embrace opportunities and don’t be hurried by societal norms.

10:12 – Highlighting the school’s emphasis on effective communication, teamwork, and extracurricular engagement.

13:45 – Addressing the necessity for students to develop collaboration, critical thinking, and solution-oriented presentation skills in a digitally-driven world.

18:35 – Debunking media myths about job market fears; reassurance that most desired jobs will remain relevant.

21:26 – The dual responsibility of schools in providing education and supporting mental health, with a focus on future preparedness.

26:55 – Discussing the school’s approach to student safety, both online and offline, and implementing UNESCO guidelines for staff and leadership upskilling.

28:42 – Shifting the focus to AI in education and the importance of training staff.

31:54 – Delving into the limitations and potentials of AI, including its rule-based nature and the question of sentience.

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