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Steven Eliuk

Vice President AI & Governance | IBM

Ethical AI Development: Steven Eliuk’s Blueprint for Trustworthy AI

“Data scientists and people that work in AI, we’re able to showcase kinda what we wanna showcase. But that’s hugely problematic. Right? Because usually you have a boss, and you’re trying to show that boss what the boss wants.”

AI model biases, the concept of “ethical debt,” and the challenges of AI trust, especially in regions outside the Western data sphere.

Steven emphasizes the imperative for tools that can automatically detect issues within datasets and the critical role of preserving metadata for ethical decision-making. He also discusses the evolving landscape of AI education, IBM’s contributions to skill enhancement for the youth, and the necessity of fostering critical thinking from an early age, ideas echoed by NASA’s research.

Tune in to hear Steven’s vision for 2040, his concerns about accelerating AI adoption without adequate understanding, and his advice for young individuals on mastering the basics of mathematics and technology. 

Key Moments

00:00 Ongoing awareness of societal problems and impact.

05:36 Technology can track and suppress news quickly.

06:17 Deep fake and unrealistic representation creating issues.

12:48 The Education system’s narrow approach causes concern.

14:47 Challenges of implementing AI in the EU.

18:14 Preserve data and metadata for future use.

21:32 Few companies invest in expensive output protection.

24:14 Companies invest in schools, automation, and guidance.

28:21 Many lack an understanding of mathematics and need the basics.

30:41 Diversity in conversation creates unique, interesting content.

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