Lumi Quests For Corporates & Governments

The Future Of Work

“The next 1,000 unicorns won’t be search engines or social media companies, they’ll be businesses that tackle issues related to climate change”

-Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock

“In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in future they’ll be about the heart.” -Minouche Shafik, President of Columbia University
“AI will erase 400 million jobs but create 97 million new jobs. Many do not exist today.”
-Goldman Sachs & World Economic Forum
“Education hasn’t changed at all for the last 250 years. We are teaching children ow to fish when soon there will be no rivers.”

-Darren Coxon, Former Headmaster, Founder Coxon AI

Lumi For Companies

At Lumi, we offer a range of comprehensive Quests and services designed to empower businesses and equip their teams with the skills needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape. Our Quests can be tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses, ensuring maximum impact and results.

Equip new graduates, apprentices, and recent hires with the essential skills needed to succeed in their roles at work.

Enhances a corporate’s innovation-driven workplace by equipping employees with the tools and mindset needed for continuous improvement and problem solving, enriching the product, operations, and customer experience roadmap.

Deliver systemic impact by skilling youth and developing a workforce that helps take forward critical initiatives of national and global significance.


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