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Amanda Line

Entrepreneur & Founder of PwC Academy

The Intersection of Sustainability and Education

Imagine a world where grades don’t dictate your destiny and public speaking is your superpower. Welcome to the latest episode of In YOUth We Trust, where our guest Amanda Line leads us on an enthralling journey through the art of influence and the untapped potential within our youth. With her infectious passion and trailblazing vision, Amanda paints a picture of an education that arms the next generation with knowledge and the skills to navigate and influence the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow.

Listeners are invited to re-conceptualize the very fabric of education and envision a future where skills like AI, self-care, and neurological awareness stand at the forefront of our children’s learning experience.

Key Moments

00:00 Skipped university and found passion in accountancy education.

06:55 Advocacy for human skills over knowledge and AI.

09:09 Debating and public speaking led to success.

12:16 A 12-year-old boy finds passion in coaching football.

16:47 Building PwC business, impacting young people.

20:56 Microgreens grown without chemicals for local nutrition.

25:14 Passionate about youth, sustainability, and education challenges.

29:09 Fearing unchanged big problems, hopeful for the “holodeck”.

30:08 Escaping tension by creating alternate worlds.


Dr Gavin Towler

Dr. Gavin Towler

Corporate Chief Scientist, Sustainability Technologies | Honeywell