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Darren Coxon

Founder at Coxon AI

The Human Connection Crisis: Darren Coxon Discusses AI’s Impact on Youth

Today’s episode is a thought-provoking journey through the intersection of education and technology, featuring our esteemed guest, Darren Coxon – an educator at the vanguard of integrating AI into learning.

In this episode, IYWT with Darren Coxon, we delve into Darren’s personal odyssey – from facing schoolyard bullies to finding solace and identity in the world of literature and education. He brings to light the stark reality that social media and AI, while serving as modern havens for young people seeking connection, can also lead to psychological dependencies.

Darren warns of a future where the humanity of connection is overshadowed by the digital allure of AI validation. Yet, he is not just a harbinger of caution – he also envisions a decentralized and democratized education system harnessing AI for tailored learning experiences and the blurring of traditional academic lines.

Together we tackle the hefty questions: How will AI shape our youth’s sense of purpose in a world where work could be redefined? What are the roles of educators and institutions in a landscape teeming with uncharted digital influences? And most crucially, in a world where AI companions become increasingly common, how do we ensure our children are heard and valued for who they are?

Darren empowers us to think bigger, act wisely, and prepare for an AI-integrated future without losing the essence of human mentorship and growth.


00:00 Bullied at school, found passion through travel.

06:56 Social media replacing personal connections for youth

10:38 Teaching outdated skills, need to adapt.

11:45 Advances in AI surpass human intervention in tech.

18:02 Parents and youth are more empowered and informed.

19:59 Even 7-year-olds grasp tech’s potential impact.

24:42 Concerns about Snapchat’s AI for children.

27:05 AI provides comfort, and users become psychologically dependent.

29:29 Concerns about education, parent involvement, and technology.

32:19 Preparing for future societal changes and possibilities.

Darren Coxon