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Sebastian Peck

Founding Partner at Kompass Ventures

Founding Partner at Kompass Ventures

Sebastian Peck’s Insights on Sustainability and Education to Foster Future Leaders

Sebastian Peck’s journey started with a traditional career path that led to a venture capital fund. In the age of social media and technology, this dynamic landscape brings both opportunities and challenges for today’s youth.

In the latest episode of “In Youth We Trust,” host Prashant Raizada engages in an enlightening conversation with Sebastian Peck, a distinguished figure in sustainability, technology, and education and the Founding Partner at MD Kompass Ventures. The discussion illuminates Sebastian’s transition from a traditional career mindset to leading a venture capital fund, highlighting the fluid and unpredictable nature of today’s professional trajectories. Sebastian reflects on his personal journey, contrasting it with the current scenario for young people navigating a world rich in choices and opportunities, largely shaped by social media and technology.

As the conversation deepens, it pivots to the unique challenges and privileges the current generation faces. Sebastian provides insightful commentary on the influence of social media and the digital age on youth, emphasizing the vital importance of proactive engagement and building networks. Through personal anecdotes and observations, he illustrates how the evolving landscape of technology and the availability of information have transformed aspirations and career paths. This episode offers a compelling exploration of the interplay between past experiences and present opportunities, encouraging young listeners to embrace change and pursue their passions with a forward-thinking mindset.


00:00 Hindsight: life was more static, and goals were limited.

03:26 Cultural shift from expectations to personal desires.

08:01 Social media creates pressure to meet expectations.

12:19 Automation and AI lead to job changes.

16:21 Investments to decarbonize materials for emissions reduction.

18:28 Structure is important, considering distractions for youth.

20:37 Scandinavian countries are excelling in the inclusive education system.

25:53 Hopes and worries about the impact of AI.

28:14 Becoming conscious in parenting, investing, and environment.

Sebastian Peck: