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Ana Romero

Head of Sustainability at Wellington College

Ana Romero’s Odyssey Ignites Change in Youth and Sustainability Across the Globe

Amidst Mexico’s inequalities, Ana Romero emerged, transforming from a child witness to stark contrasts into a global force in environmental education, igniting a new generation’s passion to reshape our world.

Ana Romero is a distinguished figure in education and environmental advocacy, serving as Head of Sustainability at Wellington College. Fresh from COP 28, she shares her unique global perspective, beginning with her childhood experiences in Mexico, where her exposure to disparities in opportunities ignited a lifelong quest for justice and environmental stewardship. Romero’s narrative is a profound exploration of how early experiences can shape a person’s path and drive them to make a tangible impact in the world.

Romero emphasizes the need for educational institutions to facilitate student-led initiatives, fostering a sense of agency and responsibility among the youth. The conversation also touches on the broader implications of these initiatives, including their impact on policy and international relations. Romero’s reflections provide a thought-provoking perspective on the role of education in shaping future leaders and changemakers.

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00:00 Growing up in a medical family, I observe disparities in opportunities and learn the interconnectedness of nature.

05:01 Fostering empathy, collaboration, and global contribution motivation.

09:17 The school curriculum integrates a sustainability program, making a significant impact.

11:57 Collaborating in international efforts, but not there yet.

14:01 Involving in various movements, adding my voice to negotiations.

19:43 Discussing the importance of sharing best practices in education.

22:20 Promoting global participation in fair policy making.

25:46 Young people seeking intergenerational cooperation for sustainability.

27:47 Believing in the power of young people to address global challenges.

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