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Joysy John

EdTech Advisor & Consultant

Imagine a world where education is a dance between AI and human ingenuity. In this enigmatic episode, join us as we journey with Joysy John into the heart of this new educational paradigm. Joysy, a beacon in entrepreneurship and an advocate for women’s empowerment is at the forefront of a movement reshaping the future of young minds.

Joysy is an Edtech Advisor, Innovation & Transformation Consultant, and Top 100 BAME leaders influencing the tech sector. Joysy serves as an Education Committee Member at The Royal Society and a Steering Committee Member at Karanga.

As we weave through our conversation, Joysy unveils the secrets of transforming education and parenting in an era constantly in flux. Explore the depths of how we can arm the youth with knowledge and the power of problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. We’re not just talking about education; we’re delving into the moral labyrinth of AI in learning.

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The future of education is not just a topic; it’s an unfolding mystery, and you’re invited to be part of it.


00:00 Parenting shapes kids’ health, happiness, lives. Technology changes.

04:05 Thrived in computer engineering, aimed to provide affordable education.

09:04 Parents’ role in preparing kids for the future.

12:59 Mentoring students, promoting entrepreneurship and education.

17:05 Advocating for technology to bridge the digital gap.

19:56 Key global challenges: environment, sustainability, digital transition.

24:17 AI’s potential for good and concerns summarized.

25:42 Education system needs to embed computing and AI.

29:31 AI enhances skills, boosts productivity, and aids problem-solving.

Joysy John:

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