Stanford University Research Powering Lumi

Lumi is powered by a highly successful innovation programme at Stanford University to unlock potential of youth to solve real world problems while developing digital and durable skills.

Lumi’s Inception from Stanford University Program


A Message From Prof. Christopher Shen, Adjunct Faculty at Stanford University

Dr. Christopher Shen,
Professor at Stanford University
Co-Founder & CIO at Lumi

“I Co-Founded Lumi to bring a unique innovation programme to harness the creativity of younger students in a scalable and equitable way”

In 2004 Stanford University launched the Biomedical Technology Innovation programme:


Use design-thinking to drive practice orientated and interdisciplinary education for Masters and PhD students.

Develop breakthrough ideas, entrepreneurs &leaders using its links to the Silicon Valley.

Impact & Outcomes

> $1.2B

Funding Raised


of participants in leadership roles today


Companies Founded


people helped by innovation