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At Lumi, we focus on developing three key competencies: entrepreneurship,
character and values, and human-Al collaboration. By instilling these skills, we empower you to change the world around you.

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Upskilling Early Talent For The Future Of Work

We offer a range of quests and resources designed to equip early talent with the skills they need to thrive in today’s rapidly changing job market. Our unique approach combines real-world problem-solving, entrepreneurship, character development, and human-Al collaboration to create a motivating and inspiring learning environment. Quests can even be tailored to your business needs.

Driving Impact & Innovation Through Young People

Lumi is dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders through our comprehensive educational quests for schools. We believe in equipping students with the critical skills they need to excel in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on the world. Our curriculum focuses on storytelling & pitching, prototyping, problem-solving, critical & ethical thinking, resilience, data-driven decisions, human-Al synergy, creativity enhancement, and agile learning & application.

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Meet Our Team

Passionate individuals dedicated to empowering the next generation of change makers

Prashant Raizada

Founder & CEO


23+ year track record in 5 startups, incl. a $2bn exit. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech

Dr Christopher Shen

Co-founder &- CIO

San Francisco

23+ years as VC, Stanford Professor & design thinking

Ethan Gill

Tech Advisor


13+ years in software engineering at YouTube, Google
and Deloitte

Nefelie Kalavrezou

Product Delivery


5+ years in sustainability and education

Darius Fernandes

Product Design & Delivery


2+ years product design & engineering in the UK and

Rosie Nicholas

Partnerships Lead


Former Partnerships leader at Latymer Foundation &

Meet Our Quest Facilitators

Guiding our quests, instilling and developing core skills for the future

Omnia Farah

Saudi Arabia​

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Farheen Noorah


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Gabriela Genadieva


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Clement Quaye


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Michelle Kim

Somewhere in the USA

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Eleni Leonsteni


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